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Project Management

At Jinasena Infotech, we are concerned with and focused on providing our clients best-of- class solutions that work for their unique businesses in a world that is fast altering and evolving. To do so, we do not rely on old technology. We promote the newest of technologies that are proven to work.


Dynamic Project Management is a new tool that we have found to be of great use for our clients. It replaces traditional software such as Microsoft Project and Spreadsheets that are good for rigid projects but are not so great for companies operating through changing constraints and quickly developing external situations. The solution operates on the premise that projects will change and develop and is fluid in its approach and fully supportive and responsive in its operations, thus allowing you to manage your project in real time, with real results.

The solution helps your team to grow organically and sustainably by being flexible. It uses a fluid process, an adaptive methodology, and a predictive, automated tool, all of which combine to help you successfully navigate fast-paced business environments. In addition, the Dynamic Project Management system has the benefit of allowing you to plan ahead, and thus to see the risks early so that you can address them ahead of time.

Talk to our team about how the system can help your company, and let us help you gain an advantage.