Power BI

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The right solution and quality of delivery distinguish our Power BI solutions from our competitors’. Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence solution that allows our customers to spot risks and find opportunities at a glance. A rich dashboard, ease-of-use, web-based application, ability to share on email, availability of mobile application, and its responsiveness make our Power BI solution ideal for many companies.

Microsoft dynamics power bi

The software will help you make sense of your data quickly and easily. The software transforms your data into vibrant visuals so that you can easily spot trends and risks, allowing you to make informed decisions based on up-to-date information. In addition, the natural language Q&A feature makes typing queries a breeze, and will suit managers and other high officials as much as the programmers at your company. The solution allows you to forecast, share, and print your information, and is absolutely secure.

In addition, this is a self-service data platform, where you are able to create ad hoc reports, for your convenience, as an added benefit.

Features of the software:

  • The dashboard can be made more comprehensive with widgets.
  • Ad-hoc reports can be generated when required by managers.
  • Interactive and stunning visualizations you can share with wide audiences.
  • Easy to use and highly responsive.
  • Easily customizable.

Our support to you:

Our team is well-equipped to help you with your transfer to Microsoft Power BI, and we will work with you from day 1 to ensure that you are comfortable with and can take the full use of the software.