Jinasena Infotech brings you Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a fully integrated ERP solution that helps collaboration between you and your colleagues. It is a fast, customizable, and reliable system that will help situate you leaps and bounds above the competition. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system automates and optimizes the core functions of your operation, thus helping to streamline your business. This is a perfect system to grow your business as it is a complete solution.

You can use the system to make faster, correct judgements. The system helps improve productivity and your ability to cooperate by connecting your business processes. We at Jinasena Infotech will help you customize the system to suit your company’s needs, so you can decide which modules you need based on your company’s requirements. The solution’s flexibility allows adaptation to meet specific requirements of your company. And as certified partners, we have years of experience working with many clients of varying sizes and types in many industries so that you can rest assured we have got you covered.

One of the best-loved and most well-known products, Microsoft Dynamics Navision (NAV) is used throughout the world by a host of businesses. The system is easy to use, customize, and maintain, and has no delays. The system is great for optimizing your business productivity.

The system can help your growth by supporting and strengthening your company’s information department. It connects your team, work schedules, and existing systems. Your team members (and staff members) have access to the database that carries information pertaining to inventory, sales and marketing, etc. This allows them to make informed decisions without delay, thus allowing them to respond fast to issues and queries by customers, and allows you to focus on growing your business through learning its opportunities and future capacity.

The system has a connected mobile app (Microsoft Dynamics NAV mobile app), which is available to companies and staff members using the original system. This allows for better integration and ease of access. The application is easily customizable, affords quick installation, and is extremely user friendly. Working on many platforms, the app allows for reliable remote access to your system, enabling you to keep abreast of your company’s development.

The system is equipped with many features that make the system valuable to your company:

Office 365

Seamlessly integrate with Office 365 when you use Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to easily collaborate on and analyze shared data.

Ease of access

The system is easy to use, customize, and manage, and your team can use it to make responsible decisions about your company.

Access on local drives as well as the cloud

Whether you want it remotely accessible or locally accessible, we have the best solution for you because Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be available on either. Talk to us today about how you can make Dynamics NAV work for you and your requirement.


The price of the system is dependent on whether it is locally hosted or not, and on your specific needs as well as the users. Thus, you are in control of the price and you can rest assured that the price you get is value for your money.